Commercial Roof Coating

We offer a variety of Coating Systems that range beyond top coats for our foam roofing systems.  Guardian’s Coating Systems are stand-alone roofing solutions for most existing roofs, and manufactured in place through a multi-step process.

Our Coating Systems are sprayed on, and provide great reflectivity with energy savings; stop all leaks; are resistant to foot traffic and weather damage. Everest Systems is our primary manufacturer of high quality roof coating components, with more than 35 years in the industry. Everest also distributes GE coating products.

A Typical Application Procedure

  • Inspection
  • Make any required mechanical repair
  • Clean the existing roof by pressure washing
  • Prime/Permanently seal seams and fasteners
  • Application of multiple layers of our specialized coatings

These steps result in high performance, long-lasting, RENEWABLE roofing systems, with superior value for building owners.

What is a RENEWABLE roofing system?

Once our system is applied and warranted, at the end of the term, commonly 10 years, it can be cleaned and refreshed with additional topcoat, extending the warranted term an additional 10 years. Our warranties are customizable for your needs. We’ll cover all the details and warranty options during a consultation.

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