Industrial and Commercial Roofing Systems


Foam Systems

Industrial strength, dual liquid spray-on system, forms a lightweight, walkable, durable, storm resistant, insulating barrier in minutes. Adheres to virtually any roof type. Stops leaks and increases roof stability. Complete Factory Warranties.

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Coating Systems

Multi-layer stand alone systems manufactured in place for existing roofs as well as foam system topcoats. High reflectivity, leak stopping, weather and foot traffic resistant. Our coating systems are long-term and renewable. Complete Factory Warranties.

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Specialty Projects

Guardian offers solutions, procedures and coatings for specialized problems encountered by clients. Many times we are able to develop, with the assistance of our manufacturers, systems that are able to address these specialized problems. Complete Factory Warranties.


Virtually all existing commercial and industrial roofs have seams. Potentially thousands of feet over any given structure. The #1 cause of commercial roofing leaks is seam failure. Our roofing systems are geared to eliminate all of the seams and any other avenue for water to enter your structure. All of our systems are manufactured in place on your existing roof.