Industrial Foam Systems

Foam roofing systems provide all of the qualities of coating systems, plus additional benefits:

  • Enhanced energy savings via its insulating characteristics
  • Can pay for itself on energy savings alone within a few years!
  • Increased roof structural integrity
  • Increased wind and storm resistance
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • Covestro (Bayer) closed cell foam is SUSTAINABLE.
    (With a properly maintained top coat, the foam layer can be SUSTAINED INDEFINITELY.)

The closed cell foam product is not the type that is normally in your attic or in the walls of your home. This foam is dense, created by the combination of two spray-applied liquid components and can be walked on in just a few minutes. There is high compressive strength to endure foot traffic. We believe this to be the superior roofing option since this product will adhere to most any surface and stop all roof leaks; significantly reduce building movement; very lightweight but offers great wind resistance and storm protection, not to mention superior insulation value.

Click to view samples of our foam systems roofing work.
  • Henry Klein Building
    New Orleans, LA
  • Celtic Media
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • YMCA
    Metairie, LA

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