Specialty Projects

Guardian Roofing Systems offers solutions, procedures, and coatings for specialized problems encountered by owners of specialized structures. With the assistance of our manufacturing partners, Guardian Roofing Systems, can develop customized systems that address your specialized problems.

Here’s one such case – Our client, a nationally prominent cement distributor, with facilities nationwide, had a problem with silo roof leakage, allowing rain water into the interior of the silo, adversely affecting cement production. The coating recommended in this instance, took into account that cement can interact with many/most liquid coatings in a negative way. Guardian solved the problem using a 100% Polyurea Coating. Following manufacturer’s guidelines and application recommendations, the silo roof was properly cleaned and coated, solving the problem for the long term. The Polyurea Coating was the ideal solution. It has a low interaction rate with other products, cement included. It has a tremendous abrasion resistance and stands up to extensive UV attack. It could be the right solution for your specialty roofing need..

Guardian stands ready to assist in finding solutions for your company and to provide quality, experienced workmanship in application.

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